Skill India Mission Franchise

Skill India mission franchise is a very powerful initiative taken by the government of India to promote industrial development in India. Indian has the largest amount of working youth in the world. If India develops the skills in its youth, it can become the most powerful economy in the world.

Skill India Mission Franchise has been launched for following reasons:

  • To fight poverty – Poverty is the biggest problem in India. Most of the problems are arising from lower living standards. This scheme is launched to help youth make a good career and live a better life.
  • To fight unemployment – There is a huge portion of youth that is not skilled. As a growing economy, this is the biggest challenge a country can face. With this scheme, the government aims to fight with unemployment in the country.
  • To encourage entrepreneurship in India – Promoting entrepreneurship is one of the most important things to develop a solid domestic economy. India promotes these kinds of schemes to encourage innovation and development in various industries.

Main Objectives Behind Skill India Mission Franchise

Skill India is a mission launched by Mr. Narendra Modi lead government. With an ambition of training over 40 crore people in India till 2022, Government is focusing on skill development for upcoming industrial demand for skilled employees.

There is large section of youth is unemployed and unskilled. Government’s main focus is to train this work force so that they can contribute to industrial and economic growth in India.

The government of Indian has taken following initiatives under this mission:

  • National skill development mission

The national skill development mission aims to provide institutional structure to center and state governments to launch and run skill oriented educational programs in the country.

  • National policy for skill development and entrepreneurship

National policy for skill development and entrepreneurship is designed to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the country. To create more jobs and help the youth of the country live a better life, national policy for skill development is a big initiative.

  • Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana

India has greater expectation from PM Kaushal Vikas Yojana. This scheme aims to train over 40 crore youth in India by 2022. This is a lack of organized training and employment for youth in India, thus increasing unemployment and poverty are the big problems in India. Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana aims to solve these problems.

  • Skill Loan Scheme

Skill loan scheme is designed to provide the loan to individuals who are unable to afford the cost of professional skill training. Individuals can take loan as per the course they are pursuing in ITI’s

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